RCDE Academy Saitama (Japan)

RCDE Academy Saitama (Japan)

RCDE Academy Baghdad (Iraq)

RCDE Academy Baghdad (Iraq)

RCDE Academy Shanghai (China)

  • Director: Victor Estavillo

  • Email:

  • Telephone: 400 775 8558

  • Address: 1. Pudong Facility: Gate 12 Oriental Sports Center, 2. Huangpu Facility: NO.1353 Waima Road Huangpu Expo Sports Center

  • WeiBo: 皇家西班牙人足球俱乐部上海学院

  • Official WeChat: RCDEspanyolAcademySH

RCDE Academy Shanghai (China)

RCDE Academy Stockholm (Sweden)

RCDE Academy Stockholm (Sweden)

RCDE Academy Johannesburg (South Africa)

RCDE Academy Göteborg (Sweden)

RCDE Academy Göteborg (Sweden)

RCDE Academy Rabat (Marroco)

RCDE Academy Göteborg (Sweden)
Our academies

Our academies

RCDE Academies are a network of football academies, the objective of which is to spread the RCDE training methodology internationally. Our history shows an organisational model based on professionalism and success in professional football coaching.

We offer the possibility of improving the different abilities of local players, always under the supervision of an RCD Espanyol de Barcelona Academy Director.


What is the RCDE Academy project like?

  • Stable and collaborative

    Organised by a club with over 100 years of history as a local partner, working together.

    Close contact

    Constant contact and support from the club.

    Successful methodology

    The same knowledge, tools and philosophy as RCDE's professional youth teams.

  • Ambitious

    An academy with a focus on sporting development, and on offering improvement for all participants.


    Sporting training is used as an integration method for children, developing values such as respect, ambition, unity, passion, effort, cooperation and discipline.


    Able to be adapted to the culture and conditions of the area.

Football Camps

External Campuses

We offer the opportunity to organize Campuses with the RCD Espanyol methodology, with experienced club coaches. The objective is to offer outfield players and goalkeepers the opportunity to train and grow with our campus, and enjoy our way of playing football. Participants will be able to discover why our training methodology is recognised throughout the world.

External Campuses

Included in International Campuses

  • RCDE coaches who know the working methods

  • MVP chosen for training sessions at the RCDE Escola Dani Jarque

  • Official RCD Espanyol training kit

  • Minimum of two sessions per day

  • Diploma and pin for participants

  • Workshop for local coaches

  • Badge of recognition for organising club as official RCDE collaborator.

External Campuses


The coaches are graduates of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona's football academy, who will design tasks to enhance and develop the abilities of each local player.

Following to the identity, values and playing style of the club, the player will carry out a set of training drills based on their abilities, using the teaching-learning process used by RCD Espanyol:

  • Knowing the player

  • Respecting their virtues

  • Stimulating their abilities

  • Collaborarating with players who are helping with their development


Ratio: One RCD Espanyol coach per 20 players.

A workshop for local coaches.


  • Rabat, Morocco

    30/5/22 - 5/6/22


  • Bogota, Colombia

    25/6/22 - 27/6/22
  • Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

    20/6/22 - 22/6/22
    More info
  • Guadalajara, Mexico

    23/6/22 - 25/6/22
    More info
  • Villahermosa, Mexico

    27/6/22 - 1/7/22
    More info
  • Merida, Mexico

    4/7/22- 8/7/22


  • Saitama, Japan

    23/7/22 - 26/7/22
  • Saitama, Japan

    29/7/22 - 31/7/22
  • Saitama, Japan

    2/8/22 - 5/8/22
  • Saitama, Japan

    7/8/22 - 10/8/22
  • Saitama, Japan

    12/8/22 - 15/8/22


  • Meggen, Switzerland

    10/3/22 - 10/7/22
    More info
  • Nicosia, Cyprus

    20/6/22 - 25/6/22
    More info
  • Carcassone, France

    15/7/22 - 17/7/22
    More info
  • Pamiers, France

    18/7/22 - 20/7/22
    More info
  • Narbonne, France

    15/8/22 - 17/8/22
    More info
  • Millau, France

    18/8/22 - 20/8/22
    More info
  • Saint Esteve, France

    22/8/22 - 24/8/22
    More info
  • Montpellier, France

    16/8/21 - 18/8/21
  • Newcastle, UK

    8/8/22 - 12/8/22


  • Sydney, Australia

    19/2/22 - 6/1/22


Request more information

For more information, contact the Ciutat Esportiva Dani Jarque via:

For additional information:
Telephone: 934 622 198