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  • Adult: 60€ Over 16 years old

    Infantil:From 6 to 10 years old 0€* From 11 to 15 years old 45€

    Alevín: 0€* Under 5 years old

Conditions for prices

Age calculation referenced to the year 2023. In order to apply the Peñista membership card fee, membership of a supporters group must be validated and reported to the PAS by the FCPE.

*Only valid for the first 2000 registrations. Applicable to all renewals in the Alevín and Infantil age brackets whose price is 0€. The applicable age bracket for the promotion are those born between 2013-2023. Promotions valid until the end of the campaign (30/09/2023).


  • Peñista discount

    15€ applied to the price of each membership format.

  • Loyalty discount

    0-4 years 2023-2019 0 €
    5-9 years 2018-2014 5 €
    10-19 years 2013-2004 9 €
    20-29 years 2003-1994 16 €
    30-39 years 1993-1984 23 €
    40-49 years 1983-1974 30 €
    50-59 years 1973-1964 35 €
    60-69 years 1963-1954 38 €
    70-74 years 1953-1949 44 €
    75-100 years 1948 60 €

Discount conditions

Peñista: In order to apply the Peñista membership card fee, membership of a supporters group must be validated and reported to the PAS by the FCPE.

Loyalty: these discount amounts are only applicable to the membership card. If you are a season ticket holder, the amounts are reduced by half, as the season ticket amount has its own discount applied.

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Free membership card promotion (*)

Free for all members born between 2013-2023.

Applicable to all renewals and for the first 2,000 new members.

The week before a match, no new memberships for minors will be available. All children under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

(*) Except in hospitality areas. Sanctioned persons will not be able to register or renew. Not combinable with other offers. Promotions valid until the end of the campaign (30/09/2023)

Free ticket (*)

Regardless of the type of card purchased, you can take advantage of the ticket for yourself, or if you prefer to invite other fans to live the unique experience at the Stage Front Stadium.

Valid for whoever you want, after online purchase.

(*) Except in the following areas: Grada de Animation, hospitality and away supporters. Subject to availability and except for Playoff matches of Season 23/24. Excludes those barred from the stadium. Not combinable with other offers.


Discount not combinable with other offers.


The discount is made on the general admission price, which is €15 for adults. The price of the Children's Tour, both for members and non-members, is €5. Not combinable with other offers.

Access to the Ciudad Deportiva Dani Jarque

Presenting membership card at the Ciudad Deportiva entrance (limited capacity) to watch grassroots, women's, school and Espanyol B matches.

Free access for Under-5s

All children accessing the Stage Front Stadium should carry a document with proof of age.

  • Alevín Season Ticket Holder - Direct access with the season ticket for their seat.
  • Alevín Member - Access with their membership card, with a QR code. Must sit on the lap of their accompanying adult.

Free Alevin Membership

  • Registration in first 3 months (90 days).
  • Their father, mother or guardian must be a member.
  • “Canastilla Perica” basket free.

Required documents:

  • 1.- Libro de Familia or birth certificate.
  • 2.- DNI of at least one parent or guardian.
  • 3.- Authorisation.
  • 4.- RGPD completed and signed by parent/guardian.