Ciudad Deportiva Dani JarqueDani Jarque School

Compromiso, respeto y deportividad

Commitment, respect and sportsmanship

The Escola offers the possibility, for many boys and girls, of initiation in the sport and also the chance to improve their abilities and football skills. It is a mixed training school with internal competition and teaches the values of youth football, such as unity, perseverance, humility, passion, ambition, respect, trust and commitment.

Belonging to the Escola does not exclude participants from other football commitments.

Training and games

The Escola players train two hours a week (on a single day or on two different days) and play a game on Saturday mornings. The goalkeepers will perform an hour of specific training in the two weekly hours.

The competition consists of 7 levels and 42 teams, with promotion and relegation.

During the year, 21 matches at the Ciudad Deportiva are guaranteed, plus a game with a team from outside.

The Escola teams are named after RCD Espanyol players and former players.


The teams consist of a maximum of 12 players, with a qualified coach, and we work on the fundamentals of youth football for all ages.

We also carry out continuous training for our coaches, together with the collaboration of our academy.


This format improves technical skills in small groups.

This option can be used as a complement to the Escola, or for outfield players and goalkeepers who are looking for a complement to their training.

When Escola RCDE activity stops for holidays, we run a summer Campus and skills workshops at Christmas and Easter.

  • Persons in charge

    • Director of the Ciudad Deportiva: Eloy Pérez.

    • Director of the Escola: Albert Villarroya.

    • Coordinator of the Escola: David Cartas.

    • Administration: Irene Lapuente.

    • Collaboration with Youth Football Medical Services:

    • Supervision of Facilities: Ciudad Deportiva personnel.

  • Office Hours

    School hours:

    • From September 1st: Telephone from 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm.

    Summer hours:

    • Telephone:July 1st-31st, Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm. Closed in August.

For more information, contact the Ciudad Deportiva Dani Jarque, calling 934 622 198 or writing to

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