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A private association since 1900

Since its foundation on October 28th, 1900, Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona has been a private association whose activities have been dedicated to promoting sport.

Law 10/1990 established that the clubs that participated in official sports competitions of a professional nature and at the state level and that had not obtained a positive net asset balance since the 1985/1986 financial year, should become Sociedades Anónimas Deportivas.

In compliance with these regulations, on June 29th, 1992, the club modified its statutes, establishing in article 3 of its own statutes that the club will begin its activities as an SAD on July 1st, 1992., after submission to the Mercantile Registry on October 2nd, 1992.


In accordance with the Social Statutes, the corporate purpose of R.C.D. Espanyol de Barcelona, S.A.D. is:

  • Participation in official sports competitions of a professional nature, in football.
  • The promotion, participation in competitions and undertaking of sports activities through the existence or creation of non-professional sections for different sports.
  • The exploitation and commercialisation of sports events, products and rights of all kinds, linked or related to sport, the professional team, club media and others.

All these activities may be carried out totally or partially, through subsidiary companies in which the club holds ownership of shares or any type, and that have an identical or similar corporate purpose.

Social capital

The Company's Share Capital currently amounts to 127,701,714 euros, divided into 21,283,619 shares with a nominal value of 6 euros.